Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Just a Real-like Dream, Kind of Like a Vision, but Nah

It seemed all too real.

I just woke up from a nightmare. Everything felt like it was real. But it wasn't. None of those were real. I am saying this over and over again just to make sure. The moment I woke up my feet were cold. I tried to wake up but I couldn't but now I am. I tried to pinch myself in the dream, I tried to feel pain to know if what was happening was actually real. I started to believe that it was. Thank God I am awake now. I have been only asleep for two and a half hours. It seemed like an eternity has already passed in that dream.

It didn't start with the earthquake. Something else happened before that. Oh shit I'm already starting to forget. I do know that it already started becoming a nightmare when rhe earth shook. Being the nerd that I am, I know tsunamis could happen during earthquakes so my subconscious made a sea appear in the dream so I could check if the sea level changed and if there was a tsunami forming. And there was. (dammit, I should've realized it was a dream by then) So I yelled that we have to get to higher ground but the blue wave was already high so I tried to swim. It's surprising because I don't even know to swim. I reached our house. I don't know if we were running together but my brother was there, my mom too. My memory's kinda blurry now but what I remember that happened is that the water reached our house and it floated and I searched for my stuff but I couldn't find it and then our dogs came toward me looking all scared so I touched them. I asked my brother that if all of this was real and he said yes and I was really in disbeloef that it actually was real. I started to believe that it was real. I started to accept that we were gonna die. I know that I woke up when my mom started talking. She was about to talk about something embarassing, something about her talking to a man who knew me, and she said that that man said that I told him to prove his intelligence to me, like I was being arrogant for being bright, a smartass, if you may. That is when I cut her off and I woke up.

Okay so I'm starting tp get bits now of what happened before the tsunami.
I remember school... Science... Formal uniforms like rolled sleeves...
I remember there were boys... I don't know that much anymore. I'm forgetting.

Maybe this is what I get for watching too many poetry videos in one sitting. Not really good for the heart. Charles and Logan are dead. Sorry for the spoilers.
I ain't gonna proofread anymore because I wanna go back to sleep.

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