Friday, April 07, 2017

Just Dota2

I just washed the dishes. Lol. Just sharing.

I played Dota2 with sir Russ and sir Lonard earlier. First time playing the game. Ever. Lol. 3 out of 4 wins isn't so bad for a first timer, right? This is what you get for being a fast learner and developing your cognitive abilities since you were a child. You get to win and have a lot of talents. Now I don't want to share myself to someone, like a mate, because that bastard would be damn lucky to have me. It would be hard to find someone with the same league. 'cept that guy, though. Damn that guy. I wonder where he is. I'm still a league higher than him, though. Lol. Sorry if I'm boastful but hey, it's my blog, nobody I personally know actually reads this, so I can do what I want here. Eyyyy. Boast away, Slaybell.

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