Friday, May 19, 2017

Just a 515-word Book I Wrote out of Boredom

I don’t know how to open a book. So I’ll just write that I don’t know how to write a book.
Hello there. I’m the author of this book. I’ll be the one narrating. The characters will be entirely fictional, or will they? Anyways, it’s up to you. I strongly suggest that you think that they are entirely fictional.

As I said, I am the author. My characters, my plot, my rules. Your only job is to read. You don’t need to analyze anything. I like to put the introductions at the last part. This is the last part. My name is Chandler Tang, a writer.

The title of this book is not yet decided at this part. I like to make the titles in the end part so I could make a great one. Please be patient with me. Thanks.

After all we’ve been through
All I just want to do
Is to sit tight in this chair
And just relax

Chapter 1

He went outside to get some fresh air. It was getting stuffy inside. It was unbearable. Charlie always wondered why the weather was like that. He never intended to be born in this country, where it’s always hot, even at night. Unlike your world, this world gives you the choice whether you want to be born or not. You get to choose your birthday, your birthplace, your name. You already had consciousness at pre-birth, which is awesome, unlike your world where your parents decide to have kids without their children’s consent in the first place.

Charlie wants to smoke. He decided not to. He’s not a smoker. He attempted to smoke once in his life. He was only able to inhale a quarter of the cigarette. He expected he would cough when he first smoked, but he didn’t. His first time was underwhelming.

Out through the door comes Michaela. She, too, couldn’t bear the heat. Charlie looked at her physique and compared it to his. Judging by her slim figure to his lanky body, he concluded that they were the same age, as it is supposed to be. They both had black hair and fair skin. They also have similar almond-shaped eyes. One could mistake them for siblings when in reality, they are not.

I, myself, thought they were siblings. They were too alike. Given that they could have chosen a face that does not resemble the other, they did. How could this even be? Even I, as the author, am confused with these characters. How would I unravel this story line?

Anyway, Michaela approached Charlie. She decided to have a small talk with him. She knows small talks would torture Charlie. Given by her demonic personality, she would love to torture him some more. Charlie somehow knows what Michaela is going to do. So he ran outside the gate, even though the air is still humid.

Fuck, I’m out of ideas.

Okay, this is the end of the book. This is the author, Chandler Tang, signing out. I almost forgot the title. Okay, it’s called the world of Charlie and Michaela.


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