Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Just Typin' This Fresh

I had this weird dream...

It didn't really start like this, because you know, no one could really remember the start of their dreams, but what I could remember is that my brother and I could see the house burning on the hill we could see southwest of our home. I could infer that it was struck by lightning because of the static effect around it. There was no sound, really. Then my brother said that the house beside it was burning too. So the screen panned left to the other house and it was burning too, where you could also see a third house behind it on the left, also burning. The flames were red. I know there was a previous scene before the burning houses, like I was in a class or something, or maybe in a room. Maybe there was a recitation? I don't really remember.

Anyway, I don't remember how it got to this, but the scene changed to puppies. The puppies had different powers and different breeds. One could have special abilities. Then there were also relatives who were coming to get us because we would travel to somewhere but we want to bring the puppies because who would take care of them at home. Mom also thought of dogsitters. There was a barkada who can do it and they scheduled the taking care of the puppies. Man, I'm still drowsy while typing this because I just woke up. Typing it while it's still fresh. I need to finish this soon so I could go back to sleep. The sooner, the better. Anyways, maybe there were more or less 7 of them. Then my mom had another idea to assemble the dogs into a gundam-like thingy, like she would put this certain dog as a head, because its powers involve its head, and then another puppy on the right, because its powers involve its right paws, like that, and she would like want someone bolt them together so they would be like a dog robot power thingy. So when she came home, the puppies were barking because they know of her intent, and I tried to stop her, and the puppies were coming at her and I told the puppues to run away from her and they did but my mom chased after them, one of the puppy tripped and I could see that it tripped on a newborn puppy and then there was another one and i could see the mama dog that just gave birth. I remember there was a person bolting screws on a wall forming a triangle because that was how they would assemble the puppy war dog so they would guard our home while we were away with the relatives.

That was much I could remember until I woke up because I had to pee. Don't want to be peeing on the bed like the good ol' times.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Just an Idea

I'm going to start a taco business and name my business "Taco Cat" and it will be cat-themed and no one's gonna stop me but I have to graduate first. Maybe it will be a café that sells tacos and it will be Taco Cat Café but it will also be an internet café that provides internet with computers that also sells coffee and other drinks and tacos. I'm loving my business already. I love my Taco Cat Café.

Edit: I just googled Taco Cat Cafe and there's a restaurant named Taco Cat in Minnesota, USA but that's in the US and I'm here in the Philippines and mine's gonna be a café and no one's gonna stop me!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Just Viewers

Well, it seems like some people read my blog now. Which sucks because it takes out the whole "no one reads my blog anyway" thing I got going on that allows me to nonsensically type stuff with errors which are also weird. I guess I have to be more careful on what I post here now, or maybe not because it's my blog and I can do anything I want. It's not my problem how you got here. Lol. You don't really suck, though. It's cool that there are actually people who are interested in what I have to say. Lol. I pity you. Kidding.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Just Creative Restoration

I was cleaning out some stuff and found this. This is a figurine that came with someone's birthday cake many years back, like my childhood years. It got chipped throughout the years. I wasn't going to throw it out like I did with the other stuff. I got a little creative. I visualized Happy from Fairy Tail out of it so I figured, why not?

I actually finished this 6 days ago. I only got the motivation to upload it now. Also, it took me one month. It's not that it's hard to do; it's just that I kept procrastinating in between. I could go days without working on it. To quote Holden Caulfield, "You have to be in the mood for those things."

It's not flawless. It's my first time in restoring art. I'm still not motivated enough to patch it up. But eh, it will do for now.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Just Uncomfortable

Being away from home for an extremely long time makes me really uncomfortable. Social conventions suck. Mom, please, I wanna go home.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Just Grandmother

My grandmother died today.

I am not sad about it, though.

I'm not really feeling any grief right now.

Maybe I already used up all my tears from watching The Green Mile yesterday
and reading We Were Liars a week ago.

John died in The Green Mile
Gat, Johnny, and Mirren died in We Were Liars
Ichiro, our dog died a few days ago
Bonnie, our kitten died a day before Ichiro


Still not sad, though.


I am not using my maternal grandmother's death as poetic fuel.
I'm just posting it here so I could remember the date.
I post a lot of stuff here just for the date.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Just an Awesome Realization

I realized just now that you could actually follow blogs from different platforms in blogger. How could I be so... what do you call that person who misses the simplest details? I forgot the word. I'll probably remember it later when I'm zoning out. Lol. So yeah, you could actually follow blogs from tumblr or wordpress or anywhere. This is actually great. Yeah. Yup. Shut up.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Just Typing because I'm Bored. I Had Coffee This Afternoon. I'm Not Allowed to Drink Coffee

I don't really think I'm cool or better than anybody. I'm really just a nobody. I get that there are people who love me. I don't think that they should. I don't quite grasp the concept. Sure, it seems like I know a lot of things about love when I write poems but I really don't mean them. I'm just being pretentious. What's bad is that there are some who think I'm cool when I am not. I don't really like being around people. Sometimes I sit in the front row so I won't get nervous when I see a lot of people in front of me if I sit in the back. When I do sit in the back, I want to be near the exit so I could go out of the room as soon as possible, or I would sit at the side so I would be sitting next to less people. I don't like being in the middle, either sitting or walking. I really don't talk much so when the people I'm in between of starts talking I would feel really awkward. I would want to move to the other side of either one of them so they could talk without difficulty. It makes me feel like I'm a burden.

Like I said before, I don't talk much, and I don't like to. So when I do talk after not talking for a long time, I get stuttered, because of the lack of practice. Stutters are one of the reasons why I don't like talking. I prefer texts, too, rather than calls. Takes a lot of effort to get the vocals working. I hate people who prefer calls than texts. Sure, calls can be simultaneous, and you don't have to wait for the reply, but there's another thing why I don't like speaking as a means of communication, and that is when you can't hear them clearly. You know how you can't understand what they're saying but you already asked them many times already to repeat what they said? Yeah. I hate that. Very much. Same goes the other way around. I hate repeating myself. Fuck social convention. I prefer silence over talking. I could not talk for hours or even a whole day. I hate being paired up with talkative people, who can't even go five seconds without talking. I just want to grab a chair next to me and hit it on their face while yelling SHUT UP! It's even sadder that there are more people who get deafened by silence than those who prefer it. In high school, we would have study periods in between examinations. Most of my classmates would move the chairs study in groups and ask each other questions, making a learning noise in the room. I would just sit in my chair and read the books. I was in the honors section, by the way. We were all nerds. Our teacher, who would sit in front to keep an eye at us could observe that some of us, including me, prefer silence while studying. Really, he would look around the room. He would say to the class to minimize our voices, because he says he could really see that some really prefer studying quietly. And I could see as I looked up from my book that he recently observed me looking at the noisy study group at the certain part of the room. Yeah, to sum this paragraph up, I hate talking.

Potty break.

Anyways, I don't want people to have a lower self-esteem than me. I don't want to be that person who (I don't know if I should use who or whom. I Googled, still confused. Lol.) I'm afraid to be friends with because I think they're cooler than me. Once, I told someone who I thought was too cool for me that I am afraid of making friends because I think I am just a loser and I am not cool enough to be anyone's friend. Then she told me that she was actually thinking the same thing and that people are intimidated by my coolness that's why they are afraid to be friends with me. And I was like whuuut and then she was like yea-uh and I was like nu-uh and then she was like yeaa gurl. I am just exaggerating this story. Lol.

I still want to type some more. I still have some thoughts to record. I also want to sleep.

I leave the impression of being mysterious. I think there was one person who told me I'm mystical, one person who tagged me in a Facebook post back in 2010, where there were these anime girls that had adjectives below them and the person posting would tag a person that the adjective was describing to the anime girl and I got mysterious, one person who told this person who we were also talking to that I was mysterious, I can't remember the others and I'm tired of thinking. I also have been called emo. I call emo trash. I am also weird, which I like. Also, recently, edgy and edgelord. I'm sleepy now. Lol. Bye. I've been typing for more than an hour now. Also, my bed broke four days ago. Lol. Breaking bed. Lol.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Just Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers are the worst. Clearly, they are. There's nothing to elaborate here. It's just that they are.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Friday, June 02, 2017

Just that Coca-cola Makes Me Type a Lot

There used to be owls that would pass by our house at night during my childhood years. We would be amazed when we see one because we don't usually see owls flying freely in the sky. We would only get to see them up close in zoos, all locked up in cages. There would be a white owl passing by and one of us will shout "Owl! Owl!" and be amazed by its magnificence, by its nocturne habits as it wakes up at night. Now, a decade later, we don't see them anymore. I wonder where they went. I know there isn't usually owls near the city but I miss seeing them flying by, there are still a lot of trees, but there are fewer of them now. There used to be a big mango tree near our house. It made the surroundings cool and damp. They cut it down when I was a kid. My brother got stung by wasps when it happened. Right now a school is being built near our neighborhood, where there used to be a lot of trees. Now they're gone, replaced by an infrastracture made to teach kids, ironically, to not cut trees as part of their curriculum. I don't know. Where did all the wild animals go? Why are people afraid of them? I think there are already too much people and not enough wildlife. Everything is changing a lot. I don't know how to handle it. It's too overwhelming. Maybe I should just sleep on this until the feeling is gone. I'm just really missing those owls.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Just the Inevitable

Our dog Ichiro died. Feels bad man.

Just Currently Listening to This Mashup

My little emo heart, it feels something...

Just Typing a Poem

I really wanted us to be close
but what does not work, will not work
It's not good to force things
when you want it to bend so much, it will break
when you repeat it again and again and not get what you expected
you will wonder why you were doing it in the first place
it will lose its meaning
A cube can't go in a circular hole
When you have cold, you take cold medicine
not aspirin nor cough syrup
you take cold medicine
It's not good for something to be where it's not supposed to be
It's time to put things in place,
where they should be