Friday, June 02, 2017

Just that Coca-cola Makes Me Type a Lot

There used to be owls that would pass by our house at night during my childhood years. We would be amazed when we see one because we don't usually see owls flying freely in the sky. We would only get to see them up close in zoos, all locked up in cages. There would be a white owl passing by and one of us will shout "Owl! Owl!" and be amazed by its magnificence, by its nocturne habits as it wakes up at night. Now, a decade later, we don't see them anymore. I wonder where they went. I know there isn't usually owls near the city but I miss seeing them flying by, there are still a lot of trees, but there are fewer of them now. There used to be a big mango tree near our house. It made the surroundings cool and damp. They cut it down when I was a kid. My brother got stung by wasps when it happened. Right now a school is being built near our neighborhood, where there used to be a lot of trees. Now they're gone, replaced by an infrastracture made to teach kids, ironically, to not cut trees as part of their curriculum. I don't know. Where did all the wild animals go? Why are people afraid of them? I think there are already too much people and not enough wildlife. Everything is changing a lot. I don't know how to handle it. It's too overwhelming. Maybe I should just sleep on this until the feeling is gone. I'm just really missing those owls.

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