Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Just Typin' This Fresh

I had this weird dream...

It didn't really start like this, because you know, no one could really remember the start of their dreams, but what I could remember is that my brother and I could see the house burning on the hill we could see southwest of our home. I could infer that it was struck by lightning because of the static effect around it. There was no sound, really. Then my brother said that the house beside it was burning too. So the screen panned left to the other house and it was burning too, where you could also see a third house behind it on the left, also burning. The flames were red. I know there was a previous scene before the burning houses, like I was in a class or something, or maybe in a room. Maybe there was a recitation? I don't really remember.

Anyway, I don't remember how it got to this, but the scene changed to puppies. The puppies had different powers and different breeds. One could have special abilities. Then there were also relatives who were coming to get us because we would travel to somewhere but we want to bring the puppies because who would take care of them at home. Mom also thought of dogsitters. There was a barkada who can do it and they scheduled the taking care of the puppies. Man, I'm still drowsy while typing this because I just woke up. Typing it while it's still fresh. I need to finish this soon so I could go back to sleep. The sooner, the better. Anyways, maybe there were more or less 7 of them. Then my mom had another idea to assemble the dogs into a gundam-like thingy, like she would put this certain dog as a head, because its powers involve its head, and then another puppy on the right, because its powers involve its right paws, like that, and she would like want someone bolt them together so they would be like a dog robot power thingy. So when she came home, the puppies were barking because they know of her intent, and I tried to stop her, and the puppies were coming at her and I told the puppues to run away from her and they did but my mom chased after them, one of the puppy tripped and I could see that it tripped on a newborn puppy and then there was another one and i could see the mama dog that just gave birth. I remember there was a person bolting screws on a wall forming a triangle because that was how they would assemble the puppy war dog so they would guard our home while we were away with the relatives.

That was much I could remember until I woke up because I had to pee. Don't want to be peeing on the bed like the good ol' times.

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