Friday, July 14, 2017

Just Being a Lone Wolf

A lot of people pity me for always being by myself. They don't get it that I actually like it, that I actually prefer to be alone. No, I don't get lonely. And no, I'm not sad.

Sometimes I get lectures that it's not supposed to be like that, that it's more fun when you're around people. They try to push their preferences onto me. They want me to like being in a group. They don't know that you can't just make yourself not uncomfortable with a push of a button. "It's actually more fun if you're with someone" yeah, no. Being with someone is a nuisance, slows down my flow. "It could be better if you have someone to share the experience with" yup, for you. I respect you for believing that but it's not the same for me.

Being polite also gets in the way. I'm so polite that people actually know that I want them to go away. Like, I can't give them hints that I want to be left alone because I'm too polite to make them feel that they're unwanted. I entertain them when they want to talk. Jeez.

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