Friday, July 28, 2017

Just Darn Kids

On my ride home on the jeep today, there was a high schooler, three of them, in fact. As one lad was about to get off, the driver got mad at him because the lad did not pay, as what he could remember. Then there was a dispute. This lad was disrespectful and was raising his voice. There was a dispute. The driver just said that paying or not, he should just get off. The driver was still complaining that kids from City High always do that. They ride in groups of five then two of them won't pay. When the other kid got off (he paid, of course), he was looking at the driver with contempt, like he was a drug addict, or something. Kids aren't supposed to be like that. Kids, like 15-year olds, I mean. Then again, most people unleash their inner evil when they are juniors in high school, according to what my junior high school adviser said.

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