Saturday, July 08, 2017

Just Eye Contact

I noticed a guy who kept staring at me during class yesterday. He even talked to me while I was on my way to speak to our group leader about our report (he was on the path) when class ended, asked me what my course was and why I was always smiling. I get that a lot, you know. People always ask me why I always smile. During junior high school, our Filipino teacher called me "Binibining Palangiti (M Smiley-face)". I know it seems like I'm a sad person in this blog but I do actually smile a lot without noticing it. That's why I wear masks now so I wouldn't seem like an idiot when I smile out of nowhere. Anyways, I got a little side-tracked. This guy seems to have a crush on me. I tried to confirm my guess by looking at my reflection and I don't think anyone would see anything with this face. Lol. I don't really care about anything, though. I just noticed that his eyes were glued to me. I tried not to look at him because every time I would, he's already looking at me, and it feels awkward. Every time our eyes met I would just immediately look away. Eye contact makes me uncomfortable. That's why I mostly look at the ground while I'm walking. I try my best to be unattractive to repel any attractions but they just keep on coming. I actually prefer to be alone. I don't really like talking a lot. I don't like repeating myself if ever they didn't hear it the first time. I don't like asking people to say something again because I didn't quite catch what they said. Don't mind me, I'm just actually rambling right now. I don't know how to end this paragraph. Lol. I already typed what I wanted to so yeah. Maybe the guy was just curious because they have a new classmate, a fresh face. They were all Customs Administration students while I was a Hotel and Restaurant Services student, two different departments. I am a lone wolf. Some people don't get that. Some people can't take a hint. I just wish that they do. I just want to be left alone.

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