Thursday, July 13, 2017

Just Felt Like Typing Stuff

I don't know why but I feel like I'm happier these days, now that I'm not around close friends anymore. Like, not chatting or talking with them everyday makes me feel better and not so down. Like, I get sick of seeing the same faces every day, feels like an obligation to meet them.

I don't like claiming happiness that much because I don't want it to get jinxed. It's like I'm at a peak of something and then out of nowhere I'm already crashing down at 50kph.

Quitting Facebook since February has made me feel better, too. I haven't logged in my main account. Sure, doing so has its downfall like being outdated on assignments but that isn't really a problem because I'm smart. My last status went like this: "Just so you know, I will not be online for the rest of the year because I hate all of you."

I'm just actually sick of seeing selfies and pointless complaints and subposts and cancer. Every time I see I don't like, it just strikes a nerve. Like, I get a feeling in my stomach, then my chest, and I just frown at the screen. It makes me crazy! I had to take the rest of the year off.

What also ticks me off is couples posting their love online. When they do that, I just think to myself, "they are sure going to break up soon. What they are doing is just fooling themselves." and most of the time they actually do break up and stop posting their affection. Like, where is your "love" now?

I don't actually care about these stuff unlike what it seems like right now. It seems like I care because I've already typed 6 paragraphs now, but I actually don't. It's just, you know, lol, I don't even know. What am I talking about

Anyway, it seems like I'm bursting with energy during classes, or maybe it's just mania. I don't know. I'm well now. Been off meds for two years.

I suddenly have the feeling of wanting to die but other than that, all's good! Everything's great! :D

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