Sunday, July 09, 2017

Just a Letter for Myself if ever I Start Thinking Like This

Dear Me,

If ever you start thinking that taking meds for depression is just fake happiness, you are wrong.

Because depression is a sickness and it should be treated.

You are not your depression.

The medication is not a facade of your true sad self.

The medication reveals your true, happy self.

You think, when you've been depressed for a long time and start treating it then you actually feel better, that it is all fake, that this feeling of being well and happy is not real.

You are wrong.
Your happiness IS real.
You ARE better.
You ARE allowed to be.

Because when you take meds for your fever, and you don't have fever anymore, you are not fevered anymore. Being cured is not fake. You are allowed to be well. Being not sick is real. Does it make sense?

I hope you understand this.


Happy You

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