Sunday, August 20, 2017

Just a True Story

I was playing with a coin in the living room but then I dropped it and it rolled all the way to the dining room so now I am typing this instead of getting it.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Just No Activities

I did not do anything productive today.

Just Some Activities

I finished reading Dean Koontz' By the Light of the Moon. It took longer than I usually take. But what do I know? I used to be a book-hater, like I didn't think I could even read a single book in my life. Anyways, it wasn't really my genre. If you like adventure, sci-fi, and thriller, then you might like it.

We're gonna have our intramurals next week. I'm still contemplating if I should go, or I should just pay the fines and not go. Sometimes the fines are worth it. I hate activities. Plus, I don't have friends to share the experience with.

I'm going to start my on-the-job training soon. I hope I'll get my hours done early. I also hope to lose weight on the process, because it's gonna be tiring.

Our puppies keep peeing and pooping. It smells bad on the terrace. They're cute, though. Why do they have to be so cute?

Common conversations I had for the past two weeks was about my hair, why I cut it, it suits me, yadda yadda. I hope it dies next week. I hope no one is going to comment about it anymore. Lol.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Just Around Six Seconds

Yesterday, we had our Engish midterm exam.
You were positioned southeast of me.
Class hasn't started yet.
Our teacher was still making final seating arrangements.
Then you sat beside me,
to my right.
You don't deserve to be written about here.
Here, in this blog,
with you, as the second person.
You were staring at me since day 3, I think.
Don't you know it's normal for me to smile at strangers?
You talked to me.
You flirted.
I hate flirting.
I maintained eye contact.,
tried to memorize your eye color,
tried to win the staring contest,
tried to focus on your right eye,
your dark brown  eye,
around 6 seconds.
I break.
Don't talk to me anymore.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Just Our English Requirement

Y'know, I really much prefer working alone, even if it means the task is doubled. That's what I am doing right now for our requirement in English. Instead of working in a group of three, I am doing it alone. Each group was tasked to write twelve letters. There are 36 people in the class. Which means, we are evenly divided to three. The problem is, I don't know which group is lacking, because I don't know all of my classmates, in which because I am an irregular student.

I am pretty much okay with single-handedly writing twelve letters. But these letters are Customs-related assignments. Ma'am didn't really give me a break. She really thought that I would be working with a group. It's okay, though. I am that versatile.

I am on the fourth letter now. I don't worry that much because the deadline is on Thursday, three days from now. Most cool people would be working on it the day before, or even on the due date. Anyways, the task on the fourth letter is to inquire to a Brokerage about how the products are delivered on time and at what good cost. Dfq should I know what they do in brokerages. Heck, what in my-hospitality-management-shit-induced-goddamned-brain is a brokerage? Bah, I need a break.

I am starting to second guess in working this through alone. But hell, I have always been alone.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Just Insert Title Here

My body wants something
I tell it no
It craves for affection
I have contempt those
It is times like this
where everything is conflicted
The body wants what it wants
but my mind has the control over it
Body has never won
I own it.
In a few days
it will punish me
with a bloodbath
for not giving it
what it wants.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just When I Did Not Procrastinate, Something Like This Happens

Procrastinating is a bad thing, so I did not do it. But I could have avoided being exhausted if I actually did it this time. What a great timing.

Let me explain. We have this workshop which was originally supposed to be done by group. But yesterday, our teacher's buttons were pushed so she decided to assign us to write 5 letters individually to be passed later by midnight. I already made those letters before she sent the text stating that she changed her mind and it is back to being by group. I'm just on tilt right now. I spent around 5 hours making those letters. It could have been longer when I'm with my group, though. Who knows.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Just Felt the Pain

A nightmare woke me up just now. A guy kept cutting me with a razor. In the previous dreams I would see him save kids from a river. His modus was to push them in the river and save them so people would reward him with something to eat. I guess I was his next victim, the unlucky sap who happens to sit beside him in the jeep.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Just Understand It If You Can. You Probably Won't because You're Not Me

When I ask a question with a "why", I do not mean the question in a literal sense.


"Why do we have to eat?"

The literal answers would be "so we would live" "to nourish ourselves" "for survival".

What I meant with the question is "Why must we have to eat? Why must it be that way? Why do we have to eat for survival?".

And I often get lost in these thoughts. I try to feel my consciousness as I close my eyes and think deeply.

Then I'm too conscious of my consciousness.


Before I was born, I had no consciousness.
I have one now.
Do I really exist?

I close my eyes and feel my memories.
My experiences are so far away.
I try to feel my heartbeat in my head. Pulse, is more like it.

I close my eyes and open them as I type.


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Just Dumb Luck

I was playing 4 pics 1 word just now and I was frustrated because I did not know the word so I typed FUCKR at first because of my frustration then normally, it would be wrong because fuckr is not a word and then I typed in a word that rhymed which is FROCK and little did I know, it was the right answer. Lol.