Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Just Typing on Whatever

What should I write about this time?

It seems like life does not ever run out of drama, not that there is one in mine. It's just that there is a lot out there, especially on social media. People seem to find or make ways to start one, like what I am doing now. I'm making a lot of drama about drama. Drama is supposed to be entertaining, captivating its audience, but when it is already in real life, it is too much.

We never run out of conflicts. Once we solve a problem, another one will soon arise, no matter what. I remember Jake the Dog's quote from Adventure Time that to live life, you need problems. If you get what you want the minute you want it, what's the point of living? I know that there really is a writer behind that quote but the credits went to an imaginary dog. Shame. Anyways, the quote is kind of right. It is also kind of wrong. If to live is to solve every problem we encounter, what kind of purpose is that? My perception is getting fucked up again with all these hormone imbalances. I had a migraine this afternoon. It started with a blind spot in my vision. Then it spread to the upper left of my view. I then got a headache after the zigzag blurriness went away. I Googled migraine and it was called aura.

It's gonna be September soon and it's gonna be the end of the year soon. I will be a year older and I will be an adult. I don't like the thought of it. I don't really seeing myself reaching 30 or at least I don't like thinking I could reach that age. I'm not really in the right mind saying this. I might be wrong. Maybe I could exceed being 30 years old. Maybe I would even outlive every one I know. Who knows, right?

I'm still nineteen. My cousin's death anniversary from the Roxas Bombing last year is this Saturday. I don't know what to say about that.

Maybe punk rock is not dead after all. No one said it died, but they are not as big as it was in the 2000s. I'm stuck in the music from that time. I recently heard of Neck Deep. They give me the pop punk vibes, the kind that I would listen to, the kind that would give me that feeling that I want to feel. I still want My Chemical Romance to come back, even when they are different now, especially Gerard.

One of the puppies is really annoying. They are 5 months old now. Three were given away. We have three pups left with us. I want this one annoying pup gone. She keeps jumping on us. She also has a sharp voice that really pierces through your ears. She fights with her sister all the time. Sure, she's cute when she's all peaceful. I just want her given away to a better owner.

I've gone far from the primary topic. I could really be that random. Lol. I'm still bothered by the antipsychotic drugs I took years ago, whether or not I had or still have schizophrenia or not. I don't want to talk anymore, not that I'm talking. Lol. 

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