Monday, September 18, 2017

Just Thirteenth Day at OG

I logged in at 9. Logged out at 7. Did the beddings, swept the floor, dusted shelves, changed the trash bins, restocked amenities, segregated the received bed sheets and delivered them to designated floors, and cut some newspapers to be used in wiping glass. I kissed Sir Fred and Inah on tnhe cheek. I just feel like kissing people when I wear red lipstick. I haven't kissed anyone on the lips ever in my life, though. I also wish I would be done with my on-the-job training. It's just so tiring. I still have lots of requirements even though I have only 3 subjects.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Just Twelfth Day at OG

I only worked for four hours so I could go to Church. EJ had a black eye. I worked one beddings.

Just Eleventh Day at OG Part 2

It was sir Fred's birthday. He made me make up a double bed again. There were rooms rented by a couple about to be wed. When we were about to clean one, the guest said they'll just call when the room needs cleaning. After that, we rested until 10pm

Friday, September 15, 2017

Just Tenth Day at OG

I went to OG after our exams by 9:30. Speaking of the exam, my hand was shaking while I was holding my pen as I was trying to answer. I was seated in front and I was using my phone by my side. Sir doesn't really care if we cheat, but boy, was I nervous. Back at OG, they were already attending rooms. I tried to some bed making but EJ would come and help/take over. I would end up sweeping or dusting. I went back to school for my English class. As I came back, Sir Fred just timed in. I went to the second floor where Ma'am Beb and Sir Ariel resided. Sir Ariel said that I have already come back but Fred still hasn't arrived. I told them that he already did. They left to Ladislawa and let Sir Fred clean the bathrooms. I stayed with him to help. I logged put at 8pm.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Just Ninth Day at OG

Before I went to work, I first went to school to have my Housekeeping NCII assessment. I'm happy to say that I am now competent. After that, I went to OG. I logged in at around 1pm. When I got to the housekeeping office, the RAs were awake. There was a guy sleeping on the floor. It was an old trainee who just came back from their retreat. His name is EJ. Now the office was crowded. When we went to attend rooms, the rooms were also crowded. There are 5 trainees in total: Me, Jerlie, Inah, Dawnna, and EJ. There were also 3 RAs present, making it 8 people. So I went away because I knew I would be a bother if I try to help. The laundry delivery had arrived so I went back to the office with Sir Ariel to assist in receiving. After receiving, they went to attend more rooms. I stayed behind to segregate the bed sheets. Jerlie and I counted the dirty napkins and sorted the linens. After those, there wasn't much to do, yet again. I went to dinner at Jollibee to treat myself for passing NCII. I also applied correction tape on the pad of mini bar slips. I changed the number of items of various snacks to 1. Also, they noticed the drawing I did last night, which I pinned on the cork board. Ma'am Ta-ta showed it to Ma'am Irene,, the OJT in charge, and now she wants me to draw for her. Actually, they all now want me to draw for them. I'm being discovered. Lol. I don't want the attention anymore. This is what I get for showing off.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Just Eighth Day at OG

I'm sooo sleepy right now. I don't want to type this now but I have to. I don't really have to, you know, but I need to continue the flow and not break or skip a day. Anyways, I had my yearbook pictorial today. I hope the shots would turn up great. After that, we had our semifinal exam in English. I hope I did well. I think I did, but ma'am would always see the errors for further improvements.

So, my eight day of training at Orange Grove Hotel... There was not much to do. Sir Fred would cover the night shift while Sir Jimboy would cover the graveyard shift. Today is also ma'am Beb's birthday, but it's her day off. She left money for lechon, though. There was really not much to do. Ma'am Larry/Larrie asked us to clean the admin's office even though I vacuumed it yesterday. We cleaned it anyway while we were placing bath towels in rooms that did not have them. After that, there wasn't really anything, to be honest, so Sir Fred made me do his calculus assignment. I was like wtf. Haha. But I didn't mind, though, because I like math.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Just Seventh Day at OG

I arrived around 12:30pm. Everyone  was on a break. Because there were a lot of us, only two attended rooms and the rest went to clean the hallway. The people from Sales asked us to vacuum their office, also to include the Admin's office. I did it. It wasn't really a busy day. Every one was sleepy. I can't believe I'm saying this but I missed Sir Fred. Haha. It's his day off, you see. I completed a sudoku puzzle with the free time I had. I'm not gonna go for other minor details anymore because they weren't that important. Also, I met Sir Ariel's daughter.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Just Sixth Day at OG

I really want to sleep right now. All I can say is that the highlight of the day is that I prepared a room for a check-in but I was not yet finished and the guest caught up to me while I was still in the room (ssshhh, don't tell anyone). Also, Sir Fred talked about bipolar all because I said I was not allowed to eat chocolate (he was eating double dutch ice cream and was willing to share) and it was so triggering. Haha. Also, a new trainee named Dawnna came in.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Just Fifth Day at OG

Same as yesterday, I logged in at 8. Only Ma'am Ta-ta and Ma'am Beb were the present room attendant. Sir Fred timed in at 2. Ma'am Ta-ta won the betting game they do, last two, as we call it, and treated us halo-halo for lunch. She is kind enough to do the beddings herself and I would just sweep the carpet and dust the tables. There were still a lot of rooms that needed cleaning. A lot of guests left behind food and the RAs would just eat them. They're still clean. Also, while cleaning room 406 (I can't really remember if it was really 406) each of us, Ma'am Beb, Ta-ta and I, received a tip of Php 100. I didn't even do that much. Lol. I was supposed to log out at 5pm but Sir Fred asked me to clean a couple more rooms with him. He keeps telling me that I do stuff slowly. Haha. The last room we attended had a double bed. He made me do it myself. I kept grumbling while doing it. I took my time. While I was doing it, he already cleaned 2 other rooms. Haha. He came back to me and I was still doing the bedding for the double bed. When I finished, it was not even presentable, but he still went with it anyway. Hahahaha. When we came back to the office, he told Ma'am Ta-ta what happened. I laughed it off the whole time. I wish myself good luck tomorrow, because Sir Fred and I will be partners. I will take the afternoon shift with him. Good luck, future me.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Just Fourth Day at OG

I logged in at 8am. This time, I did not leave, because I did not have class the whole day. It was a very busy day. I sweated buckets. There were 20+ check-ins. Because my sweat was dripping, I wrapped my face towel around my forehead and tied it at the back of my head. I also wore my face mask because it would drip from my chin. When the RA saw what I did, they were wondering, like amazed, or surprised. I can't find the right word. Haha. The RAs present were Sir Ariel, Ma'am Ta-ta and Ma'am Beb. Sir Fred's shift was at 2 pm. Sir Ariel and Ma'am Beb kept flirting with each other. They were both married with other people, but they were just flirting as friends, maybe for some fun in work. Lol. I noticed that I really take time doing the beddings, because when I and an RA would start at the same time, or even when I start first, I always finish minutes after the RA done theirs. They would even volunteer to finish it for me, as they can see I was struggling, with my sweat and all. It wasn't really a struggle. I don't really mind doing it. It's just the pesky sweat glands. Maybe I shouldn't drink a lot of water before work. Maybe I wouldn't sweat so much.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Just Third Day at OG

I went to the hotel at 10 am after class. I still had to return to school by 2 pm. My fellow trainees, Jerlie and Joy, were present. The room attendants, Ma'am Ta-ta, Ma'am Beb and Sir Ariel were also there. They already started cleaning rooms. There were a lot to clean. But, I did not do much of the beddings because Joy does them. She wants to, I think. During our break, they keep questioning whether I was bisexual or not. People really don't believe me when I say I haven't had relationships ever. Meh. I learned how to do make up beds, where the guests have not checked out yet but the beds need to be made. I met the supervisor, Ma'am Larry, or Larrie, I don't know how to spell her name. She was there because she wants to try changing the laundry service provider, since the sheets don't look that white amymore. Hmmm... What else did we do? The Front Desk got requests relayed wrong twice. I went to room 406 to deliver two bottled waters but no one answered. The guests were out so I should have given it to the front desk directly. The second was when room 304 ordered towels but they said 204 so sir Ariel went there however I told him it was actually 304. Yeah. I don't want to bore you reading all these. That ends it. I'm just journaling what happens in my ojt because we need to write them down on a notebook. I'm too lazy to do that. Typing and posting it here is easier. So yeah, I'll type all of my days at OG here until I've already reached my required number of hours rendered.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Just Second Day at OG

I logged in at 8 am, had to leave at 10:30 for my class. Before leaving, I met the other room attendants and another trainee. They were Ma'am Ta-ta and Sir Jimboy. The other trainee was Jerlie. I got to do the beddings with Jerlie. We had to help sir Jimboy lift beds because he isn't supposed too much effort since he just had his tooth pulled out. I also found one peso in a checked out room we were cleaning. Joy wasn't there. She was absent. Anyways, I left and came back by 12:45 pm. When I arrived, the three of them were resting. After that, we continued cleaning rooms and changing sheets. There were a lot of check-ins today. By late afternoon, we had to change from comforters to bed runners in various rooms. I also had interactions with guests. One particular thing happened where I was flustered when one requested to bus out some dishes from their room, and I had to tell it to Sir Ariel, so he called the F&B Department. I wasn't sure if I told him the right room number so I checked, and the guest saw me while he was taking out the dishes by the doorway. So I got rattled and took some of them instead so he wouldn't think I'm a lousy worker for not getting them immediately. I left some by the door. Bah, this is a long story. I'm too lazy to go on telling it. I'll just stop here.

Just First Day at OG

I just got home from my first day of training in the housekeeping department of OrangeGrove Hotel. I think it was a good day. Most of the time I sat idly not knowing what to do. I guess that's a good thing because I'm a lazy person. By the time it got late, around 8 o'clock, the current room attendant (RA), sir Ariel, taught me how to do the beddings. They already taught us that last semester from our housekeeping subject, but it's a good refresher. They did things differently. It's true that each hotels have different standards. Anyways, I like sir. He's friendly and kind. He makes too much phonecalls, though. By 10 o'clock, his shift ended, and sir Fred took over for the graveyard shift.

Sir Fred taught me what to do when a guest checks in. We have to get the room ready before the guest goes into the room. We should turn on the electronics, especially the air conditioner. We should also spray the room with some air freshener. I also delivered extra pillows and slippers as requested by the guests. Then, because we had nothing else to do, we folded some newspapers to use in wiping mirrors and covering trash cans. I could say today was a productive day for me. I like sir Fred. I'd like to point out that he's gay here.

What struck me this evening was the conversation I had with a worker. I think his name was Lester. He asked me if I was alone, and sir Fred interjected if he meant loner. Then, asked me if I attempted suicide. In my head I was like ohmygod but I kept a straight face. He and sir Fred kept talking in the background while I tried to keep my composure. I lied about it, but I could feel my lie as my voice croaked. I think he didn't notice it. I hope he didn't. He said he wanted to change my boring life, be more outgoing. I hate him already. Introversion is a bad thing. I get it. He wants to change my lifestyle for the better. His views are right. He's the better guy. He's full of himself. Fuck you, Lester.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Just Starting to Get Stressed

Today is the day I'm going to start my training. I've decided to work until midnight every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I hope I'll be able to finish soon and survive while I'm at it.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Just that Talking is a Bother

I don't like girl talk. Talking alone aready is a pain how much more if it's girl talking. Most of the time I end up hanging out with girl friends because if I hang out with guys they end up having feelings with me or I would end up being mistaken with being in a relationship with them. Most of the time, I don't relate with people in general. But with girl talk, it's like a slap to the face. Sure, I'm a girl, and I'm supposed to be okay with it or something. However, I'm not that type of fool who would want to engage with such shallow topics, like the brand of shirts or shoes you wear, the routine you do for your skin, the people you like, who's dating who, or whatever. I'm just forced to listen and engage to these type of conversations so I wouldn't be judged and they would end up leaving me behind, which is fine by me but a person somehow needs other people. Bah.

Edit: I just had a girl talk through DMs with my friend and I feel my own hypocrisy. I may say that this was different because of some context that I may explain, but doing so after typing this post is just inexcusable. I don't know anymore. I'll just rephrase my first sentence in thisnpost. I may like girl talk on certain contexts.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Just Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

I want to play Warcraft III again. It had a lot of awesome cinematics and cutscenes. I loved the lore. I want to feel the nostalgia. It's been years since I last played it. I would use cheats back then because I was a kid therefore I didn't have a lot of skills plus slow reflexes. I really especially loved the cinematics, like the one when Arthas killed his father. That scene gave me chills. It was awesome. Also that scene where Archimonde destroyed the kingdom with just his sandcastle thingy. It was fucking awesome. I am just saying this because I've been playing a lot of DOTA lately and the heroes were from Warcraft but with different names and skills. I just miss it. I just really want to feel the nostalgia.